My friends sites

Here you’ll find a list of random sites with a brief description of each one. These sites are all built by friends of mine
“ReteGas.AP” (High Piedmont Gas Network) is a “0 miles” tool created to help organize and simplify the management of purchases within the GAS participating in this project, building a network on the territory of flexible and dynamic partnership.
“ReteGas.AP” is aimed at groups that are springing or who are already well established, offering a free platform that can be adapted to individual needs, while maintaining a common basic structure
Paolo Smeraldi is history graduate and has many interest. In his site you can find a lot of things, from piece of writing regarding historic topics to Sestri Levante panoramic photos, from accelerated video done inside a car using a laptop and a USB camera to historic videos and a lot more
If you are from San Severo and you like sports, you can’t absolutely miss this site!
here you can find news, curiosities, opinion surveys and a lot more.

Soleto is a nice little town in the south east of Italy, in the Lecce’s province. It is 15 KM far from both the Ionio and the Adriatico seas. In this site you can have a virtual tour of the bed and breakfast and to book your vacation to this fantastic (and cheap) part of Italy!

This site is dedicate to clarinet. You can find an huge amount of useful information, a lot of interesting images and multimedia contents. very handy is the extensive discography that list a lot of interesting CD titles… so, if you speak italian, and you like clarinet this is definitively the site for you.
This is Luciano’s site. Luciano was the most active developer of Konqueror Embedded when we was working together

One day, perhaps, in that site you’ll find the Cirulla game for KDE. Cirulla is a card game coming from Genoa (the Luciano’s city)