Army Knife for Android Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Army Knife for Android application.

Last Modified: Gen. 6, 2018

Digital & Dreams (“We”, “Our”, “Us”) has developed this privacy policy to help you understand if/how we collect, use and protect the information. By installing and using the application, you agree to this privacy policy and give an explicit and informed consent to the processing. If you do not agree, please do not install and use the application.

1. Non-personal Information

Non-personal information is data in a form that does not permit direct association with any specific individual, such as your memory size, your phone IMEI number, phone model, install, uninstall, frequency of use, etc.
We do NOT collect or share any non-personal information apart from the data that is required by the google play service and that is not under our control.

2. Personal Data

Personal data means personally identifiable information that specifically identifies you as an individual (e.g. your name, email address).
We do NOT collect or share any personal data with third parties.

3. Location Data

We do NOT collect or share any location data.

4. Camera data

Some of the apps request the permission to use the camera. It is only used in real time for a functional purpose in tools like magnifier, mirror and flashlight. We do NOT collect or share camera data with third parties.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at