Android Apps

We like Android: It’s by far more open than the other mainstream smartphones OSes, it’s based on Linux and can be programmed using Java, the computer language more used in the world.

Since now we released two Apps, available Here :

Army Knife for Android is the first app we published in the (once called) Android Market. It’s a set of tiny tools, designed to be both useful and with a small footprint.
You can download it from here

Big Night Clock is the second one. It’s a big digital clock designed to be used during the night-time. But you can use it whenever you want 😉
You can download it from here

A bit of (vintage) humor…

  Introduzione all’Analisi n is a book we wrote during our university years. It talks about Numerical Analysis in a very uncommon way. In a very stupid way actually 😉
If somebody has a lot of free time and wants to traslate it in english… he/she is welcome 😉

  The Microsoft Boy 
Is a parody of a teenager that loves computers (and Windows…) but that can’t be really called “a computer expert”

  Il ragazzo Microsoft
italian version